iTunes Export Scala

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does iTunes Export Scala Run on Mac OS X?

iTunesExport Scala requires the Java 1.5 Runtime Environment. This should be pre-installed on Mac OS X.

There are three extra characters at the begriming of the file.

iTunesExport supports Unicode characters and therefore uses UTF-8 encoding. These characters (EF BB BF) are the Byte Order Markers that indicate the file type. You can read more here.

At this time iTunesExport only supports UTF-8 as an output file. This should not be an issue when using UTF-8 encoding to read the files. If your playlets contain no non-ASCII characters you can remove these characters.

What is Scala and why use it?

Scala is a hybrid Object Oriented and Functional programming language that compiles to Java Byte Code and can execute on the JRE.

I created this version to support Mac OS X users who would like the iTunes Export functionality but cannot run the .Net version. I was learning the Scala language when I wrote the initial version and I created this as a way to apply what I was learning to a real world problem.