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Packages that use MessageFilter
com.goldeninnovations.smp.messagefilter The messagefilter package provides several MessageFilter implementations that can be used in addition to or as an alternative to defining a custom MessageFilter implementation. 

Uses of MessageFilter in com.goldeninnovations.smp

Methods in com.goldeninnovations.smp that return MessageFilter
 MessageFilter SMPServer.getMessageFilter()

Methods in com.goldeninnovations.smp with parameters of type MessageFilter
 void SMPServer.setMessageFilter(MessageFilter messageFilter)

Constructors in com.goldeninnovations.smp with parameters of type MessageFilter
SMPServer(MessageSpool spool, MessageFilter filter, MessageProcessor processor)

Uses of MessageFilter in com.goldeninnovations.smp.messagefilter

Classes in com.goldeninnovations.smp.messagefilter that implement MessageFilter
 class DefaultMessageFilter
          A simple implementation of the MessageProcessor interface that accepts messages for all valid email addresses.
 class DomainMessageFilter
          Accepts all valid email addresses to one of the specified domains.
 class MessageFilterChain
          Allows multiple MessageFilters to be chained together.

Methods in com.goldeninnovations.smp.messagefilter with parameters of type MessageFilter
 void MessageFilterChain.addMessageFilter(MessageFilter filter)
          Adds a new MessageFilter to the chain.

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