XML Train Schedule Server

This project is not actively being maintained and schedules and applications may be outdated. The Google Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) project now accomplishes the original goals of this project.


The Train Schedule project is currently a simple project to define and convert train schedules into a common XML format. This format enables the information to be used more easily by many other applications.

If you are looking for a ready to use schedule for the TrainSched palm application, they can be downloaded here

Currently, this project consists of an XML Schema definition, a Java program to parse the Chicago Metra Train Schedules into XML, and an XSL Stylesheet used to generate a database for the TrainSched palm application.

The current goal of this project is to collect as many Schedules as possible in XML that conforms to the schema, and to find as many uses for them as possible.

Please email me if you are willing to help with this goal, or would like to see a specific schedule or application supported.


Currently, only the Chicago Metra Train Schedules are available. However, additional schedules can and will be added once a need is identifies and the appropriate conversion tool is written.

Chicago Metra


This schema defines the standard format that all the XML schedules must conform to. By defining a standard schema, we create a common data format that can be used by many different applications. This enables great reuse and is important in allowing this effort to scale. The XML Schema can be viewed or downloaded here


Once a standard data format is defined, XSL Stylesheets can be created to convert the data into usable formats.

Currently, the only converstion available is an XSL Stylesheet that converts the schedule into a csv file that can be used to generate a database for the TrainSched Palm application. This application allows users to quickly view the available trains between two given stops on a given day.

The Stylesheet used to perform the conversion can be found here

After the XML schedule is processed by the Stylesheet, the resulting file is almost ready to be converted by the trainsched tool. The only additional change is that the index values in the resulting file must be edited (the stylesheet inserts ? marks).

Databases have been created for the Chicago Metra trains and can be downloaded here: