Open Source Projects

Current Projects

Most of my current Open Source projects can be found on GitHub.

Java Email Server (JES)

The JES (Java Email Server) project is a pure Java SMTP and POP3 email server. It can be used to host mail for multiple domains and supports several SMTP Relay security options.

C# Email Server (CSES)

The C# Email Server (CSES) project provides a C# port of the Java Email Server (JES) project, with a focus standalone reusable components. CSES can be used as a standalone email server, or can be used by other project to provide individual SMTP and POP3 features.

iTunes Playlist Export

The iTunes Playlist Export project provides export features that are not available in the iTunes application but are useful to users who wish to use their music library outside of iTunes.

iTunes Playlist Export allows playlist created and maintained in iTunes to be exported as M3U playlists for use in other music devices or applications.

SSH Web Proxy

The SSH Web Proxy project is a Java Servlet application that allows users to access SSH Shell and File Transfer services using an Internet Browser. The application uses only HTML to provide the User Interface. SSH Web Proxy is essentially an HTML SSH client.

SOHT (Socket over HTTP Tunneling)

The SOHT (Socket over HTTP Tunneling) project provides the ability to tunnel socket connections using the HTTP protocol. This project is useful on computers trapped behind a firewall that only allows outgoing HTTP connections.

Palm Train Schedule

The Palm TrainSchedule project is a Java based Palm application that displays commuter train schedules.

Train Schedule

The TrainSchedule project defines a common XML Schema for documenting commuter train schedules. Multiple style sheets can be applied to XML documents that conform to this schema to allow many different uses.

The goal of this project is to provide an open and common schedule format that can be consumed by many different applications.