SSH Web Proxy

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Current release: 0.5

SSHWebProxy is a Java Servlet application that enables users to access SSH Shell sessions and SSH File Transfer sessions using a web browser. All client interaction uses pure HTML, so it can be used from anywhere. SSHWebProxy is simply an HTML SSH Client.

SSHWebProxy is targeted at people who have access to an always-on Internet connection and are capable of running a Java Servlet container. SSHWebProxy was developed using JBoss, but should be compatible with any Servlet container.

SSHWebProxy supports a partial implementation of VT100 terminal emulation, and has been tested with vi. I am looking for ways to improve this and would appreciate any feedback. If you have feedback or are interested in working on this (or any other features), please let me know.

If you are ready to start using SSHWebProxy, please see the Getting Started section for instructions on downloading and configuring SSHWebProxy.